When public face Police, they feel apprehensive, frightened or even alarmed, but when they are in trouble they rush towards Police for help.

The primary Duty of a Police Officer is to prevent and detect crime and collect intelligence as per the Police Act, 1861, for the safety of the Society. But they are busy in maintaining and attending the VIP and Politicians and under pressure to work on their direction which causes frustration, low quality duty that tends to bad impact in behavior.

The Police organization was established after the Indian mutiny in 1857 to curb dissent and serve the interest of the foreign rulers. And the pro ruler attitude is continuing among the police even after India getting independence and unwillingly they have become the puppet of Government.

The attitude of the Public towards Police and the attitude of the Police towards Public must be changed and they must co-operate each other. The unnecessary pressure and interference of the Politicians upon the Police also must be stopped.

There are exceptions in the Police force in form of corruption, torture, custody death etc. but some time the main reason behind their harsh behavior, abuse, negligence and frustration are their 24 hours duty, low salary, less facilities, unnecessary pressure and un-availability of sources, infrastructure and personal grievances . Even many times public don’t provide necessary information or cooperate with Police and hostile in the Court due to apprehension of their safety, complicated procedure or some time due to selfishness and irresponsibility.

It is fact that the Police organization continuously working without any strike and protest, and Society can’t remain safe even for a single minute without Police organization.

The Police have power to arrest any person as per law under the guidelines of Hon’bel Supreme Court, but at the same time arrestee has some rights. Police can’t detained anyone with him beyond 24 hours without the permission of the Court and arrestee has right to consult with his lawyer at any time. The Police must be inform the family members, relatives or any known person of the arrestee regarding arrest and can’t use force for confession. The Police cannot arrest female after sun sight or before sun rise in absence of a female Police personal.

There are some rule, procedure and obligation which must be followed by the Police and Public for the better functioning of the Police organization and safety of the Society-

  • Public should cooperate with the Police and follow the directions issued by the Police for maintaining the peace and protection in the society.
  • Public should inform the illegal activities to the Police, as the approach of the Police everywhere is not possible due to lack of Police personal.
  • Public should avoid to rush the Police station in the pity and unnecessary matter, which can be sort out with the intervention of Friends, relatives or Mediator (Mediation Center)
  • Public should not be judgmental against the Police only by seeing the materials in the social media or otherwise against the police. Because it can be fake or edit.
  • Police should handle public politely and tell them about their rights.
  • Police should not ignore or show negligence in listening to the problems of the public.
  • Higher Police officer should be vigilant in the complaint made towards the police personal for gaining the trust of the public.
  • Police should control their frustration and anger during dealing with the public.