Some Basic Laws That Everyone Must Be Aware.

Below are some basic laws that everyone must be aware of:

  1. While buying an immovable property (flat or land)-

A legal search of the property must be done. This is important because supposedly, if one bought a house without public notice or inspection, and it turned out that the owner did not have a clear title, it will obviously create legal problems.

  1. Cheque Bouncing-

Cheque bouncing has now become a serious offence. The moment a cheque bounces with the endorsement “insufficient Funds”, one should go to a lawyer and send the person a legal notice demanding his money. This has to be done within 30 days of the cheque having bounced. On receiving the notice the cheque issuer is required by law to pay the money within 15 days.

  1. Registration of documents-

Registration of all legal agreements related to immovable property worth more than Rs. 100/- is compulsory. These include Lease Agreements, Sale Deeds, Gift Deeds, etc.

  1. Police complaints-

While making police complaints, one should always take help from a lawyer. This is necessary because if the complaint ends up in court, the police complaint serves as an important piece of evidence.

  1. Limitation-

There is a limitation period for filing every civil and criminal case which one has to be aware of. Failure to adhere to the limitation period can result in a person’s losing his legal right to sue permanently.