Sharing your Netflix password is an offence in Tennessee, U.S.A

The state of Tennessee, United States, has a peculiar law, that prohibits sharing your Netflix password with anyone. The weirdest thing about this is that Netflix itself allows up to four users to access the service simultaneously, on different devices.

In fact, this law does not only include Netflix but all entertainment content services such as cable TV. The fine for sharing passwords is high: a fine of US$2,500 and a year in prison.

The law was pushed through with the help of recording industry lobbyists trying to stop the bleeding that is illegal music sharing, and apparently illegal movie streaming as well. If you’re caught sharing or selling passwords to subscription services in Tennessee, you could face big fines, a misdemeanour, and even jail time. If it’s severe enough (if you’re a password-dealer), you could be charged with a felony, as per business insider, reports.