Specific Performance Suit For Executing the Sale Deed-Immediate Necessary Action Required Before Filing of Suit

_*Specific Relief Agreement to sell Refusal or disinclination of seller to complete the sale Course open to purchaser On such refusal or avoidance on the part of Seller, in the first instance, purchaser is expected to issue a notice to place on record the refusal on the part of the seller to furnish copies of the documents or giving a response to the draft sale deed or fixing the schedule for execution and registration of sale deed He can also notify the date and time for visiting the office of the Sub-Registrar along with the proof of the balance sale consideration to the seller He is also expected to immediately file a suit for specific performance Any delay in this regard may indicate his intention that he was not ready and willing and the Court may refuse to grant specific performance. [Para 12.12]*_

_*Subhash Chand Aggarwal vs Yashveer Singh & Anr Rfa 354/2017 01-02-2018 [ J.R. Midha JJ ]*_